Innate Lifestyle Program

The Innate Lifestyle™ Program

The secret to the success of the Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® Innate Lifestyle™ Program is that it follows your genetic blueprint for health and vitality. You are literally genetically programmed to crave and enjoy the lifestyle that your cells need to express health and vitality. The science of the Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® Innate Lifestyle™ Program implementation strategies is that they follow your genetic programming instead of fighting your unnatural cravings. As you add healthy lifestyle choices many of your desires for unhealthy choices will simply fade away naturally.

The number one secret to the success of the Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® Innate Lifestyle™ Program is that it begins with adding positive things to your life until your desires and cravings change. You won’t eliminate ANYTHING until you choose on your own that it is a good time to remove the toxicity from your life. You will also be taught how to choose what you like and don’t like rather than have to deprive yourself of what you like or force yourself to do what you don’t like. That is behavior modification and it does not work. You will learn belief system modification and it DOES work. You will learn the skills to add healthy behaviors and subtract unhealthy behaviors from your life.

Most importantly you will see from the start that adding EASY, COMFORTABLE changes to your lifestyle IMPROVES your health and vitality and increases your wellness and prevention potential REGARDLESS of whether you engage in some unhealthy activities. IT IS NOT “ALL OR NOTHING”!

You cannot undo the health benefits of a carrot or apple by eating a donut. Your cells, tissues, organs, and systems benefit EVERY TIME you choose a lifestyle behavior that provides sufficient essential nutrients or avoids toxic interferences. Understanding this and getting daily feedback about the benefits of your choices will allow you to see how even one good choice makes a positive difference.

It is not a race. Enjoy the journey and never feel guilty about your choices – just learn from them and assess how you feel after you make them. You will learn to keep those choices that make you feel good AFTER you have made them. You will also learn how to eliminate those choices that make you feel bad or guilty AFTER you have made them.

The Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® Innate Lifestyle™ Program always has INCREASED HEALTH as your goal! By focusing on this goal, you will naturally achieve any other goal you might think of such as weight loss, less pain, more energy, more strength, more flexibility, etc. You will even realize benefits that you might never have expected.

How it Works

The Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® Innate Lifestyle™ Program is an applied program where you learn how to become healthier, take action to become healthier and measure your progress on a daily basis.

You will attend twelve implementation workshops – four Eat Well, four Move Well, four Think Well – where you learn how to implement changes in your lifestyle to eat, move and think better, and move towards increased health.

The Innate Lifestyle™ Program is a year long program than can be taken in two forms* – Standard and Intensive.

In the Standard program, implementation workshops are given once every month. You have 30 days to work on the implementation steps and gradually introduce new changes to your lifestyle.

The intensive program is set up so you can take all the implementation workshops over a period of 12 weeks. Changes are introduced rapidly. For the remaining 40 weeks of the program you continue implementing all the steps introduced in all twelve workshops.

You will receive five assessments** – an initial assessment to provide a benchmark for your current state of health and four follow up assessments. The assessments measure how your current lifestyle choices are affecting your health today and how they will affect your health in the future.

You have access to an online workbook to track your daily progress and receive feedback on the choices you have made. You will be able to track your progress over time and access other resources, such as videos demonstrating how to properly perform the exercises in your implementation steps.

*Availability of the Standard or Intensive program is determined by the licensed Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® center. Some centers may choose to only offer one of the program formats.

**Licensed Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® centers may choose to offer more than 5 assessments in the course of delivering the Innate Lifestyle™ Program