Massage Therapy

Spa woman. Female enjoying massage in spa centre.

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Relaxation Massage

  • Light Pressure Massage
      (30min-$55) (60min-$75) (90min-$95)

Therapeutic Massage

  • Medium Pressure Massage
      (30min-$60) (60min-$80) (90min-$100)

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Deep Pressure Massage
      (30min-$65) (60min-$85) (90min-$105)

Sports Massage

  • Medium to Deep Pressure Massage with Stretching
      (60min-$90) (90min-$105)

Prenatal Massage

  • Prenatal Massage
      (60min-$85) (90min-$105)

Serenity Stone Massage

  • Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

  • Lymphatic Drainage, Including Face
      Very light touch to clear edema & toxins and to boost the lymphatic system

      • (90min-$90)

Raindrop Technique

  • Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Layered for Deep Detoxification & Rejuvination

Reflexology Massage

  • Foot Reflexology Massage

What Our Clients Say About Our Massage Services

  • Best Massage
    This was the best massage I’ve ever received and I’ve received a lot. The massage therapist was absolutely perfect. She listened to what I wanted and paid attention to the areas I explained were my ‘problem’ spots. I left completely relaxed and pain-free in my shoulders and neck for the first time in months. I can’t say enough about the experience and the place itself. I am so thankful I was cruising reviews and ran across this place. Now I’m looking to pay that forward!

    - Dana Gubitosa
    Source: Genbook
  • Best Massage Ever
    I have had a lot of massages. Some have been great, some have been cool, others have been poor. The 90 minute Wild Lime Botanical w/ Scalp Massage left every single massage I’ve ever gotten, and will probably ever get, in the dust. I carry every ounce of my stress in my shoulders and neck, and in the past, whenever I mentioned this to therapists they’d nod understandably and then mainly do whatever they wanted anyway. The second they found the knot I’d been dying to get worked out they’d be off it and moving on. I’d leave a little less tense and a little more relaxed but days later and I was right back to square one. The massage therapist listened to what I had to say about my body and then we got down to work. And when she found the culprit points, she stayed there and showed them who was boss. She moved my arms around to attack the muscles from all angles, incorporating some stretching that no one else has done…and should have been doing. At one point, I realized my shoulders were no longer near my ears and weren’t headed up that way any time soon. From that point on in the massage, I completely gave myself over. The best massage I’ve ever received. Hands down.

    - Dana G.
    Source: SpaFinder
  • The Best Experience
    The massage therapists are just fantastic! I love the natural and organic products! The entire place has such a relaxed feel to it. I could spend a whole day there. The facials are great. No toxic smells with and mani/pedi. The massage chairs are great and I love the way the pedi bath lights up with different colors. The have great prices but when you see the place, you expect to pay more. It is a great value. Great service, top of the line organic products and top of the line equipment, friendly faces. I’ll definitely be back!

    - ELW1
    Source: SpaFinder
  • Reflexology Was Great
    I had the 1-hour reflexology. Wasn’t sure if it would be too long, but it was so relaxing! My feet were in heaven for hours afterward.

    - A. Burris
    Source: Genbook