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Everyone knows bones go out of place and cause body problems. Even the Medical profession has given up the fight against Chiropractic and admitted it is a major cause of body problems. However, everyone also knows that manipulation is not consistently or predictably effective. Be it by chiros, osteopaths, physical therapists or anyone else like rolfers or massage therapists, everyone knows sometimes it works, sometimes it does not and sometimes it can cause other problems.

Well, a researcher named Dr. Jutkowitz noted that bones out of place can be divided into only two meaningful categories:

1. Those bones that go out of place that the body can self-correct because it has muscles pulling in the directions needed to return them to their proper positions ( which happens to you and me and everyone else many times every day) and,

2. Those bones that go out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct because it has no muscles pulling in the direction needed to retrieve them and return them to their proper position.

A simple and obvious thing right? Well, that simple and obvious thing that had never been noticed before and never been noted as important in your health — It has GIGANTIC implications.

Until Dr. Jutkowitz noted that some of the bones are out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct because it has no muscles pulling in the direction needed to correct their positions, no one understood why some bones stayed out of place though the body can self-correct them because it does have muscles pulling in the directions needed to correct their positions.

You have certainly heard all the supposed reasons: imbalanced muscles, weak muscles, nerve pressure and a whole slew of reasons related to nutrition. They all sound good but working to handle any of them has never consistently or predictably led to or, leads to, correction of body structure and the many problems caused by altered body structure.

With the discovery that bones go out of place in directions the body cannot self-correct because it has no muscles that pull in the direction needed, the reason other bones the body can self-correct but stay out of place or keep going out of place has been discovered: They are part of the compensation pattern the body creates to compensate for the bones out of place that it cannot self-correct.

This is the explanation behind every Chiropractic adjustment, Osteopathic Manipulation, massage or other body treatment that does not hold or stay corrected. The body must recreate the compensation pattern and so returns those bones to their so-called “out of place” position.

This is important because treating those compensations is either a waste of time and money — because the body just resets the compensation or, MUCH WORSE, removing those compensations is why various types of Chiropractic adjustments or other manipulations cause problems when they do.

With Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Dr. West only addresses the bones out of place that the body cannot self-correct. That results in the body self-correcting the compensations it can self-correct layer by layer not just getting you better but eliminating the basic causes or the compensation patterns and returning your body or, virtually any human body — not having problems caused by cancer, infections, diabetes or something like that — to a state of wonderful health and body function that you and most people, have only dreamed possible.

If you wonder about it just look at the before and after first visit pictures. Only Advanced BioStructural Correction™ makes these claims because nothing else in healthcare accomplishes what the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol accomplishes.

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posturepicsforcoThese are real people  AND real patients of Dr. Jeffrey West.  They are relaxed in all of the before AND After photos.